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long story short.we make em' brands pop

long story short.
we make em’ brands pop

Lé Agency is a design and branding studio. We're owner-managed - driven by heart, passion and adrenaline. We want to make a stand and leave a heritage. We want to make the world more beautiful and less comic sans. We want to make brands have a good looking legacy. We develop state of the art designs, analog or digital - whatever is best for you, right now. Our goal is to make brands get noticed and talked about. We want to create brands that people love and can identify themselves with. Brands that pop! To do so, we remain as we are. Down to earth, easy going and incurable creatives.

looking @every angle

looking @
every angle

looking at

pixel perfection

We push pixels and increasing it's value. That means we are detail-oriented and highly design-focused. Leaving nothing to chance. We're minimalists and our designs are ready when nothing more can be removed, not the other way around. We make things different, we make you stand out to competition.

looking at

the story

All brands have an inspiring story to tell. It might be right in front of you, or it might be hidden deep down within. We want to help you find that unique face and show it to the world. Big time! We listen to your voice, we understand it, we reflect it and then we refine it. We understand what people really need, making it easier to solve their problem.

looking at

the future

We build brands for the future. The ongoing progress of a story that's never completely told to the end. Sometimes we follow the path, sometimes we're a head of it leading it right. We are up-to-date with trends and sometimes we even strive to set them. We understand the importance of consistency and the power of being different.

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